At the very heart of Europe, there is the BALSAMODELS.EU Company manufacturing balsa aircraft model kits
and producing 3D and model designs for model manufacturers.

We are no newcomers in the kit production.
We are returning to the model sky after a few years of break.

Previously, these firms used to sell our products, for example:

Hobby-Lobby USA
Kavan RC Germany
Robbe Modellsport Germany
Conrad Electronic Germany
KDH Germany
Modellbau Bichler
CHK Modelle Germany and others

Our offerings include or will include both simple and more complicated models, kits, and fully finished ARF models.

The expected annual production capacity is about 10.000 - 15.000 laser kits.


For Plastic Kits Manufacturer we offer cooperation in 3D Design of the paterns model.

Input data:  Pictures, drawings, sketches...

Output data: 3D model in DXF, STL or any next formats.

We make instructions for yours Products or Kits with 3D exploded pictures.



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